Free Ways to Waste Time and Get Something For It

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Avoiding boredom is a difficult task when cooped up inside for weeks on end. Some may already have a piled high list of things to do, while others are at a loss after watching everything Netflix and YouTube have to offer. I can't guarantee an escape from your computer screen, but I do have a few free/discounted resources in mind to spice things up.

1. Skillshare Free 2 Month Trial or 30% Off Annual Membership with my Links*

Not sure how familiar everyone is with this already, but its basically a more refined and extended version of a YouTube tutorial. There are several different categories and thousands of step by step video series to help you learn something new or improve the skills you got. I initially heard about Skillshare from a few different podcast and YouTube advertisements. I signed up for my first free trial about 2 months ago now, and so sadly it has ended. I definitely under utilized my 2 free months and am planning on signing up again to get the full benefits this time and am considering subscribing afterwards. Highly recommend for anyone looking to learn and productively waste time. You don't need a link from a sponsor to get 2 free months, but if you'd like to support me, click the link above and sign up! Once you get hooked, below is a link to get 30% off your first yearly membership. Enjoy!

*links are a partnership with Skillshare


2. Create a Photo Book through Shutterfly

If you've never used Shutterfly before, they are a great print shop for all your photos, crafts, art pieces, and photo books. I have created several before and I enjoy looking back at each of them from time to time. While having the finished product in hand is great, they can take a while to put together. From gathering all your photos off your phone, uploading them to your computer, then uploading to Shutterfly, then sorting through them, choosing the right book template, placing and changing placement... you get the point. It can take up a good bit of your time, which is exactly what we are looking to do right? Well, to get you started I can send you a Free Shutterfly Photo Book Voucher. Once you sign up, they have offers running all of the time for various discounts along with even more free photo book vouchers. You can even create projects now and wait to buy them later. If you're interested email and I will send a link right over!


3. Exercise Classes Online

According to my social media, everyone is already aware of the online exercise craze, but I wanted to share one in particular I have been taking advantage of. I belong to an Earth Treks gym and have been missing climbing, yoga, and the weight room terribly since they closed. They are posting and streaming workouts from all their locations on their Facebook Pages. Just search Earth Treks in your Facebook profile and several different ones will pop up. If you're interested in a quick, dynamic, workout or yoga flow, this is the place to go. Click on the image below to view their streaming schedule for the rest of the week...

Hope these few things help you to pass the time! If you do any of the above tag me in your Instastory @annahaleyphotography.

Stay safe,


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