Intimate Weddings: How to Invite Everyone

Intimate weddings are now cherished as the new normal. Having a small wedding isn’t typically as glorified as a large one, but from my experience an intimate wedding is highly underrated. Here are a few ways to make your intimate wedding a grand one. (Even during a quarantine!)

My best friend had to go through this dilemma earlier this year. They chose to stick with their original date and said yes to having an intimate wedding. They got married in May and I had the pleasure of experiencing it all alongside them. I won’t speak for the bride, but in my eyes it was definitely a very special and amazing day. They got married in a beautiful church in DC and held a traditional reception at their house in MD (immediate family only and a close friend, me!) While their original plans got turned upside down, their family and friends had a couple of surprises for them that were the strawberries on top of the icing on top of the cake.

For last minute intimate and quarantine style weddings here’s how you can still have everyone at your wedding, in a way...

Getting everyone there

Technology and remote interfacing is running the world today. Seriously, it’s amazing how much we can accomplish while being apart. So naturally, setting up a Zoom call to stream the wedding increased guest attendance to 100% without a single person needing to be physically present.

A sweet social distance surprise

This was one of the most emotional parts of Kaitlin’s wedding day, at least for me. I definitely almost shed a few tears. Her family organized a drive by at their house so the bride and groom would still get to see some of their wedding guests. And the guests would get to see them and join in the celebration. We had just finished eating dinner when a bunch of car horns began honking outside. Getting up to see what all the commotion was about, there was a long line of cars down her street. Kaitlin was so surprised and had no idea this was planned! Cars passed with hands and heads popping out of windows and sunroofs to wave hi, hold up signs, and give cards. The parade even drove around a second time to see them in their traditional wedding attire. It was such a happy moment and truly unique. The love and support that showed up will not be forgotten.

Filling (overflow I should say) your guest book

At the reception there is usually a sign in book for guests to write the couple a short message. To keep this tradition alive, Kaitlin’s mom and sister got all of the guests to send well wishes for the bride and groom. They hand wrote them all onto scrolls of colored paper and filled up an entire jar. And I mean scrolls, some guests sent paragraphs of love and encouragement. These notes are something the bride and groom can cherish forever. There are so many to read through that it’ll keep the celebration of their marriage alive for months to come. A guest would never have the time to write down the most thoughtful words for the bride and groom on the evening of the wedding. Intention, time, and love was added to each of those notes. It’s the gift that documented each guest sharing in the celebration.

When things don’t go to plan, the spirit can always be kept alive. I hope that these ideas and stories bring some light to the sudden changes any couples are going through right now. And even for the large weddings that are to come, I hope that you’ll incorporate these ideas for those unable to be in person and just for yourselves in general. (especially the wish jar)

Congratulations you two! If you all want to see more photos from their wedding day, comment "more!" and I'll make a separate blog post. Also, follow me on insta @annahaleyphotograhy

Wishing you all the best in wedding planning whether it be intimate or grand. Embrace the plot twists, the type of wedding you thought you’d never have may turn into a wedding you couldn’t dream any other way.