Printing Guide: Tips for Building a Wall Gallery

The task of printing your photos can be a daunting one. So, here are my easy tips to transform your online photo gallery into an elegant wall arrangement.

Task 1

Define Your Space

- How many photos could you potentially fit?

- What would be the best size to print?

> Standard sizes: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20

> Smaller size = more photos, larger size = easy arrangement, and my

personal preference!

Task 2

Pick a Frame Type

- The more photos you have, the more sizes you can incorporate. Suggest

choosing a range of 2 to 4 sizes for a photo wall consisting of more than 3 images.

> 3 or less images: 1 size

> 4 images: 1 or 2 sizes

> 5 or more images: 3 or 4 sizes

- Remove matting: plan size to fit actual frame dimensions without matting (inside

white boarder). I always remove the matting and use the frame size at max

capacity. For example, a 11 x 14 frame with matting fits a 10 x 12. If you remove the

matting, the frame will fit an 11 x 14 printed photo.

- Let the boarder of the frame, and the wall you are hanging them on, act as the

"negative space" separating each photo. Your photos should have all the room

inside the frame possible to really shine!

Task 3

Choose Your Favorite Images

- If you haven't already, select all your favorites! Don't limit yourself too much! It's

okay to love them all, haha.

Task 4


- Print everything you favorited (even if it is more than the number of frames you

have, this allows you to change out the photos if you don't like the way 2 fit

together side by side, or want to switch it up now and again).

- Favorite of the favorites gets printed in the largest frame size (ex. 11 x 14)

- Second wave of favorites in the next size down (ex. 10 x 12)

- Details in the smallest size (ex. 5 x 7 or 4 x 6)

Task 5

Frame Up and Lay Out

- Take your frames to the spot where you plan to hang them. Lay them all on the

floor below that spot. This helps you see how the layout you create will work with

in the space.

- After making an arrangement take a photo from above with your phone. This

way you can see how it looks all together from a different perspective. Also, it lets

you try a new arrangement without forgetting how it was to start (me).

- Once you have tried several different variations, look back through the photos

you took to compare. Choose the one you like best!

- Cut the frame sizes you have out of freezer paper/parchment paper or the like

and tape them to the wall mirroring your arrangement. Once it's received your

stamp of approval, mark where the nails should be. Hammer in and hang

everything up!

Some Arrangement Ideas

In summary, choose your space first, then frames, and lastly photos. Next, print, frame, arrange, and hang!

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