Wedding Details Every Bride Needs for their Photos

Collecting details for my wedding day was my favorite part of the entire planning process. Being a photographer, I was constantly thinking about how each aspect of my wedding would photograph. For that reason, I chose lots of personal accessories that would make great detail images and be keepsakes to remember my day.

So here they are...

(photos taken by my amazing photographer Carol of D'corzo Photography)

Ring Holder

Lots of photographers may already have these as a part of their styling kit, but not only do you get to keep it for fashionable storage of your rings you also get to choose one that highlights your ring and color scheme. I bought this velvet ring holder off of Amazon. This one even had two slots to feature his ring as well. They also make them with three!

Photo by D'corzo Photography

Ring Dish

I received a handful of these from my bridal shower and I'm so glad I brought one along to include in the photos. It looked so elegant holding my ring and held even more meaning since a family member had given it to me.

Photo by D'corzo Photography


This necklace I had personalized and hand made from an Etsy creative. I don't really ever wear necklaces, but my dress was a v-neck so I wanted to have something that was minimal but also made a statement. I decided to personalize a monogramed coin pendant necklace. It was something that would look stunning on my wedding day and that I could regularly wear anytime. On the front is a "P" the first initial of my new last name. The back has two overlapping hearts and the date of our wedding: 11.23.19. I ordered it way in advance and the wait to finally wear it was torture! I now wear it often and it looks great with any outfit.

Photos by D'corzo Photography


My earrings were purchased from Pandora. Throughout our relationship Frank had gifted me several pairs of earrings from there. I always wore earrings so he knew that was the best piece of jewelry to get me. I also was obsessed with rings, I used to wear 4 daily, but rings are a gift you typically save for a special moment down the road (wink wink...). He had gotten me a pair much like this once before, they were my favorite because he let me pick them out haha, but I lost them. I was super bummed because the ones I had lost had a light amethyst stone (lilac color) which would have perfectly matched my color scheme (yes, I had lilac bridesmaid dresses in fall. New wedding trends say season doesn't matter...well at least according to me). I planned to purchase the same pair again, but of course Pandora discontinued them. All was good cause I found these and absolutely fell in love. I'm still wearing them today :)

Photo by D'corzo Photography


Etsy is the place to go for all your dream wedding details. I purchased a garter set, one for wearing and one for show, and it only cost 7 $. It was a delicate lace to match my dress, and it stayed on all day without me having to fuss with it. Anddd, I didn't have to worry about tracking down the original at the wedding in order to keep it. Cause we all know that guy who caught it put it in his pocket, got home, and threw it out. (Also, this is what the pictures are for right!?)

Photo by D'corzo Photography


The photographer will see your shoes more than anyone else (dress depending of course!). The detail shots before you put those beauts on is their moment to really shine. Definitely don't make your decision purely off of looks, but make sure your shoes get their much deserved attention. I wore sparkle ivory Toms for my wedding day. I wanted a flat that was comfy, that I didn't really need to break in, and a shoe I would fashion long after the wedding. This shoe was the perfect match for me. They checked all the boxes. I even wore them almost every day of our Honeymoon, in Disney, because they honestly were more comfortable than sneakers. My feet were happy no matter how many parks we hopped to!

Photo by D'corzo Photography

Mother Daughter Bracelets

Now, I don't know what everyone else gets their mom on their wedding day, but I got us a matching jewelry set. This gift was partially basis because I got something too, but I really did want to have something special for the both of us. It's not a gift I gave to my mom and forgot about, it's now a shared token of our relationship. I always think of her when I am wearing it, which is especially nice now that I'm not living under the same roof. And once again it's a modern piece of jewelry that I can wear for any occasion.

Photo by D'corzo Photography

Dress Hanger

A fancy hanger for your dress is truly a must have. My mom got me this hanger and it couldn't have looked better. I love how subtle it is, blending into the color of the dress with just a few hints of gold throughout. Bonus, the top part twisted so it was easy to find a spot to hang it!